We are just back from a quick two week break over in central Burgandy, France. This area of France is where the Morvan National park is located, within the park there is a fantastic network of rivers, a lot of which are controlled by dam release so there is reliable water levels throughout the year. We have been coming to this area for nearly 10 years now to enjoy its peaceful and seemingly undisturbed landscape. As well as the rivers being a perfect training ground for enhancing technical paddling skills, no matter what ability your currently at, the area its self is an incredibly tranquil, beautifully scenic, magical place filled with forests, lakes, rivers and hills, which cover and area of 2999 km2. Over the years of us visiting/living there, it has been the birth place of many of our brilliant, ridiculous, terrible and hilarious ideas, some of which have worked…but many of which haven’t. We have a couple of videos in the works to show what we got up to, but for now, here are a couple of photos.