Hello to all our friends, customers old and yet to meet in the future. We are sorry to announce that we will be, for the time being, closed for our woodfired Pizzas. We will however still be here to take any enquiries over the phone or email.

One day this will all be over, Kayantics have always had a bright perspective on life, no matter what’s going on, we even love the rain!
It’s what is in your head that matters, we live by the mantras:

– Just do it –
– Yes, is the answer, now what’s the question? –

It is tough and we are in uncharted territory, but it will end, and when it does …
• We’ll make bigger pizzas to celebrate,
• We’ll get a one day licence, yes we will!
• We’ll crank up the 1500watt PA and take requests so long as there’s some yodelling and David Rodigan in there
• We’ll be on the Lochs and rivers from end to end
• We’ll do projects that will enable you to survive any apocalypse

And, maybe what we’ll all do is value time, each other and our wonderful surroundings just that little bit more, and we’ll be here to do it with you

Take care, and see you all soon enough!

Will, Katy, Huxley and the rest of the Eclectic Kayantics team.