We are happy to announce that we have been able to facilitate an order of Liquidlogic kayaks through Rokx Adventure Traders. They hold the stock and will be able to process the order, we will be facilitating the freight & any queries you may have regarding the product or order. We will need a minimum of 8 orders to enable us to create this order, so if you are aware of anybody who could be interested, please forward this document to them.

Please see below table for the pricelist, colours and details of Liquidlogic whitewater boats. If you were looking for a boat that is not on the below list, this is no problem, just let us know exactly what you were after and we can get back to you with a price.

How to order

Email us on info@kayantics.co.uk and we will send out an order form to be filled out and returned. Once we have received 8 orders you will receive an order link from Rokx Adventure Traders to purchase the boat. Please be aware that by sending us the form, you are committed to purchase. Due to shipping & other pre-order time constraints, all orders MUST be in before Wednesday 18th March. If they are not in before this date, your order will not be able to be processed. Apologies if this causes any inconvenience.


We will be transporting these boats from Europe, hence the £100 freight charge. We will do our best to get the boats as close to you as we can. We have locations in Oxfordshire, North Wales & the Scottish Borders where we can store these boats for collection. Should you want to have the boat delivered to your door, we can quote for this separately, or give us a call and we can see what else we could do (meeting at event or similar). The container is scheduled for mid-April, with UK pickup/delivery by May. Please take into consideration that trans-Atlantic deliveries are prone to delays with weather etc. 

Boat Sizes Colours Price RRP (€) Estimated £ FREIGHT
Alpha 75, 90 Sunburst, blue ice, lemon lime € 1,425.00 £1,196.00 £100
Homeslice One size Sunburst, blue ice, lemon lime € 1,349.00 £1,132.00 £100
Party Braaap 69 Sunburst, blue ice, lemon lime € 1,349.00 £1,132.00 £100
Braaap 69 Sunburst, blue ice, lemon lime € 1,349.00 £1,132.00 £100
Mullet One size Sunburst, blue ice, lemon lime € 1349.00 £1,132.00 £100
Delta V 73, 88 Sunburst, blue ice, Mojito € 1,399.00 £1,174.00 £100
Stinger One size Sunburst, blue ice, lemon lime € 1,625.00 £1,367.00 £100
Remix 59,69,79 Sunburst, blue ice, lemon lime € 1,349.00 £1,132.00 £100