Happy New year from all of us here at Kayantics! What a crazy year it has been, our biggest year so far. Our main focus over the past 5 years has always been to try and inspire more and more people to get involved with kayaking and the outdoors in general. At the start of 2016, an opportunity arrived to turn our online community into a small outdoor adventure business located in the Scottish boarders. A large amount of miles up and down the M6 and one year later, we officially opened on the 30th November 2016! We still have a very long way to go with many ideas and plans to finish off (and start) over this winter (and beyond) for a grand opening in the spring/early summer time. But we are excited and very happy with what has been achieved so far, and encourage you keep on following the progress or even stop by and say hello, because there are many more exciting things in store for 2017!

Think big, start small, move fast.

Happy New Year.

Below is a picture of the front of our new place taken today, 01/01/2017. Wonder what it will look like in the spring time?