We are fresh back from a month long kayaking trip around Europe. The original route plan was; Central Burgandy, France – French Alpes – Northern Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Austria – Germany – Belgium – Home. However due to unforeseen water levels in Croatia and van problems we cut out Slovenia & Croatia and went from northern Italy to Austria where we spent a reasonable amount of time in the Oetz Valley Paddling all the rivers around the area including the upper and lower Oetz river, which is apparently the highest volume river in Europe (other than the stuff in Norway) Here Will Austin (founder & Owner of Kayantics) entered the “Addidas Sickline” Which is the extreme kayak world championships. After leaving Austria we went Via Germany back to our classic French home run “le Chalaux” ¬†We spent the rest of the trip enjoying the local beers, wine and cheese whilst beginning training and having a great time lapping the river.

More details and video to follow.

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