Residential courses

Whitewater Skills Week – An adventure away to rural France

This is a week-long residential kayaking trip which takes you on an adventure to rural France. Our camp based accommodation will be in the forests alongside some of the best rivers in the region to perfect you skills. We will also have the opportunity to explore the locality and its innate charm. The main rivers we use will be Le Chalaux, La Cure (the upper section) and a small creek called Le Saut de Goloux. The rivers are all dam release so, unlike most of the UK, there is guaranteed consistent water even though it is mostly warm and sunny…perfect!

Course aims

  • Enhance your existing whitewater kayaking skills
  • Develop new skills
  • Look at reading whitewater
  • Whitewater rescue


Dates:          18th – 25th August 2019
Duration:    7 Days (Inc travel days)
Cost:            £550
Transport not included, however we can offer a transport solution if you contact us directly.
Equipment not included, we do have a limited amount of kit that you can rent for the course.

Below is a video quickly showing a bit of what the course is about:

We offer tailored kayak coaching sessions for any level of paddling. Whether you are training for competition or want to dial in boat handling skills on flat water, or even just have a fun day out on the river, we can arrange a course that meets your needs. Just get in touch with us and we can make a plan from there.

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