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Rubber dinghy antics!

rubber dignhy

This video of whitewater dinghying. Need we say any more?  

The whitewater grand prix!


The Whitewater grand prix has now ended. Martina Wegman (NLD) wins 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix; Dane Jackson (USA) defends and is now 3x Whitewater Grand Prix Champion. The 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix brings 35 of the world’s best kayakers together to compete in…

Headed back to Wales


So, Kayantics will primarily be based in North Wales once again from the 1st of April all the way until the end of September. We can assure you there shall be LOTS of awesome footage on the way! Especially since recently we’ve realised…

Freestyle for the mind


A video produced by PringleMEDIA. The film explores what it takes to enjoy & succeed at Freestyle Kayaking and shows what James Bebbington has been working on this last month kayaking in Nottingham. A paradise for hole kayaking. Be sure to visit: http://www.PringleMedia.com http://www.RiverZoo.com

First descent – Michoacan

first descent

Professional kayakers Dane Jackson, Rafa Ortiz, Joel Kowalski and friends explore rural western Mexico in search of un-paddled rivers and adventure. The expedition dodges drug cartel territory and dangerous terrain and along the way finds the most spectacular kayak paddling in the country.You…